I am a picky eater but not like most Ill try new things at least once but onc3 I find the food I like I stick to it for long time til I burnout on it an ATM veggies nnfruit I love but not my.friend rn an I need to eat more I ended up having bathroom issues due to lack of fiber n veggies .. cuz I go threw eating phases an I need make myself eat more veggies n fiber but physically can't get myself I don't know how to help that I didn't have help with eating part growing up is was either eat or don't... An so I'll.go some days not eating cuz I can't And does anyone else peel there chicken nuggets breading off an eat chicken separate then the crust? An eat there sandwiches in circle motion but first peel top bread crust layer off before doing so ? It's only way I can eat them I when I eat the way Indo with foods like that I get stared at or laughed at an I hate it if I try eat regular way I freak out n get anxiety but if I est way I eat it I get made fun of which kicks my anxiety into overdrive n then I don't eat

Posted by Brealynn at 2022-10-24 13:08:11 UTC