So asking here just cuz i don't know people who do this wether on spectrum like me or not but if I push myself to go do.things publicly wether it's just a family house or the get together I had recently with family n friends out to eat n stuff onc3 I hit my burn out feel.i get sick like ligit sick an takes me like good 2-4 days of get better depends on how badly I pushed myself is how long I need to rest an mostly it's sleep an watching cartoons I love so much to make me feel in my comfort zone again an indraw at times to help my mind cuz I love it helps so much but these past few days after my get together I got sick the night off once I got home I an I knew it was my shutting down my husband notice it an so he's let me do my thing an tried not but me to much until I'm ready be around him more cuz of it I hate being like that cuz I feel like I push others away doing do but it mental helps me as of now I'm in bed resting an watching courage the cowardly dog show 🥰 an it's about 3 days of rest now an I'm slowly feeling better but still ov3r thinking cuz I'm auoose do something Thursday an I'm not wanting to ... Like I wanna cancel and I notice I have to have a schedule n plan out but I hate to change things or last minute stuff I get so irritated but if I cancel it's alright at times if I'm up for it .. I always try to change things up when comes to someone plans to have me go I always make stuff up an then I regret it it's like a cycle idk how to change that .. iv done it since I was little

Posted by Brealynn at 2022-10-24 12:42:44 UTC