Hi there in need help in way I’m feeling my self trying to shut down like I’m in burnt out mode at the moment cuz yesterday I had to face a lot struggles.. an I never really was taught how cope an help with those But We’ll been past two weeks I been pushing myself to hang more with people n go out in public with them . An yesterday was the hardest of all those days I was at a family friend dinner at a restaurant there were bout 25 of us there… an I had my ear plugs in for my sensory overload stuff an that building was loud like my ear plugs makes things muffle down an it was so loud it still was hard to be in there cuz almost could still hear it all every single persons voice .. an I did sit across from my husband so I can face him an not others an we date on the back table so I was facing the wall an no one’s face except my husband’s , so that felt better an I would do sign language to him during cuz I was feeling axienty an overwhelmed getting to me an I was shutting down to not talk much or look at his face then an after that we went to my dads house for party an music an all was there an I of course being 22 I drank to help me chill out cuz at times if I drink I don’t really get as overwhelmed n stuff so I did that but I guess my body was already trying to burn out from all the different stuff I did these past two weeks an waking up today I do not wanna see a persons face or to bother me now an I don’t wanna feel like that I get upset at myself for it 😭😭 an I’m trying not to pick my skin rn cuz I just wanna space out bad an be in my lil head space

Posted by Brealynn at 2022-10-22 16:23:42 UTC