Minecraft. Help. We love it yet hate it! Our 10 year old ASD son is obsessed. It's all he can think about and it interferes with (even prevents) other activities. We see the positives for his creative brain for sure, yet, it is truly not healthy the way he wakes up at 5 in am stuck on having to play....minecraft has been the source of endless stress and also meltdowns since we got it 5 months ago. We took it away for 7 days recently and saw some lovely aspects of our boy return...then tried to reinstate it with much stricter time limits, but every day have to deal with "I can't wait" "I have to play now", etc, etc... So, my question- anyone in similar situation found a way to successfully still keep minecraft as part of their child's life???

Posted by musikpals at 2022-10-22 14:32:27 UTC