Need help re managing a balance with screen time for my 11yr old. I’m totally fine with him having it in free time. He goes on the minute he is home from school till dinner time. Then it’s a massive battle as he struggles to get off when in the middle of a game of fortnight usually. Games can go for 40 mins or so. Dinner gets cold. Husband gets angry … it’s the biggest issue we have … I can relate to the ww3 senario that Trevor mentions in the ‘where ti start’ course. That’s us. I’ve asked my son what he thinks is fair and everything comes down to his stress . Stress when he is given notice on getting off in 20,10 & 5 mins. I’ve mentioned cutting off the wifi at 6pm to have family time but I know if he’s in the middle of a game he’ll have massive screening meltdowns .. advice would be great!!!

Posted by Angien at 2022-10-20 02:15:08 UTC