Does anyone know like good tips to help with communication skills I have a bad time trying an with my high functioning I deal with dyslexia an speech impediment it’s mold it’s a hit n miss where it’s certain words or vowels I can’t say or I studder on them An I have hard time to keep looking at a person I talk to my husband is trying help with he’s only one I’ll really Look at but at times if I’m overwhelmed with overload stuff I’ll look away or stare at a wall or something else keep my eyes from him as I listen an I know people thinks it seems rude to not look .. an growing up I was told I look like a B* word of I don’t talk or look at people that speak to me an that was way before my parents knew bout my high functioning part cuz I got tested for everything else I have except that but now I know I have it after past few years I’m older now and iv been having extreme hard time with public things an doing stuff on my own like texting my friend phone calls or face time or in person I have extremely hard time to not get shutdown or freeze or panic on it an I’m adult so I know I have learn but never had the help for that with like people that helps with someone won the spectrum I never had that help..

Posted by Brealynn at 2022-10-19 17:47:05 UTC