Look, I’ll be perfectly honest with you guys: I have no idea what else to do here after uploading my original post, saying hello and introducing myself. My social anxiety and OCD and GAD make it extremely difficult for me to move forward socially after the initial introductions and casual conversation that often follows. Once that is done, I’m basically lost and scared and just want to go back to hiding under the covers, returning to my familiar comfort zone. I can’t help but worry endlessly about all the things that could go wrong, believe that I’m constantly putting my foot in my mouth, feel insanely uncomfortable if I stay in social situations for too long, and have absolutely no clue whatsoever how often or when I should interact or reach out to others. It’s like I’m in a play and I do not know the script, period, and yet I’m expected to perform my role as if I do. Yes yes I know, “baby steps” and “one little step at a time” and “take it easy” and “just push yourself a tiny bit every day”, I’m very well acquainted with all of that jazz. But… what EXACTLY does that mean? What is a baby step in this situation? And what baby step should I make? How do I know if it’s good enough for a baby step? How do I know if it’s too big for a baby step? What if I fumble somewhere down the line and don’t know how to get back up? What do I do if a certain baby step makes me feel a little too uncomfortable? HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO KNOW WHAT TO DO?!?! Please help me I’m really scared and I want to do what my mom told me to do and I want to be a good boy. I just… don’t know what to do. I rarely ever do. My anxiety just knows no bounds. I’m so sorry mom, I’m trying. I really am trying my best. And yes know you’re just trying to offer some suggestions for me to address my loneliness and social isolation. I’m not trying to shoot down your attempts to help me or make things difficult for you. But… maybe you weren’t listening when I said I’m A L W A Y S super anxious. Always. No exceptions. I’m sorry that I can’t control that.

Posted by FairWarning at 2022-10-19 13:50:22 UTC