H-hello there, everyone. My name is Tim. New guy here. I was diagnosed with “high-functioning” Asperger Syndrome when I was about 12 or 13 I think. I’ve also been diagnosed with ADHD, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Depression, and I believe that I have OCD as well. I really don’t want to go into a lengthy, detailed, full-disclosure monologue about my history with Aspergers or my various struggles as an autistic adult. What I will say is that right now I’m kind of at a standstill and I really don’t know what to do from here (I mean I generally don’t know what to do period, but now I’m really lost and directionless). I’m also very lonely and socially isolated, thanks in large part to my severe social anxiety and difficulty knowing what to say or do in just about any kind of social situation. I’m giving this website a shot at the suggestion of my mother, but I want to take this slow, at a pace I’m comfortable with, and without pushing myself too far out of my comfort zone. I hope to make some connections here, have some nice conversation with people who are in similar situations to mine, and maybe become not as lonely or isolated. But once again, my social anxiety applies to online interactions just as much as it does to irl interactions, so please excuse me if I come across as extremely awkward, weird, shy and distant. That’s all I have to say for now. Thank you so much for reading this and I wish you all a nice, stress-free, somewhat joyful day. PS: Is anyone here familiar with a probiotic called Neuralli? My mother and I have been looking into it and are interested in giving it a try. The problem is that we could only find one website that is selling Neuralli (aspirenutrition.com) it appears that it takes about 90 days to see any results from taking the probiotic, the website’s price for a 90 day supply is SERIOUSLY hefty, and there doesn’t seem to be any money back guarantee. My mom and I are hoping to possibly find an alternative website that offers the drug and a much more affordable price or has a money back guarantee of some kind. Any advice or pointers would be greatly appreciated!

Posted by FairWarning at 2022-10-18 22:02:34 UTC