Ayeo im 22 I’m new here and I’m also new to being on spectrum to be able learn more in school before I got homeschooled in 7th grade I had gone to Scottish write for test for my dyslexia,adhd,speech impediment,ocd , an for focusing cuz I space out so much an I start picking my skin cuz it’s a stim I do..bad one I think cuz tuning my skin an I need new ways help I have fidgets an stuff but I have hard time not doing it my husband try’s help me stop but only works for lil time But I’m newer to the spectrum I’m high functioning an I never had the daily help for it to help me out in the real world outside school help type for me an now that I’m married on my own I been having super bad axienty n depression because of it jsit public itself I shut down /space out an don’t talk at times an people think I’m being rude.. i hate it cuz hard get myself out of that without having full on axienty attacks due to overload on bodies I wear sensory ear plugs to help mellow out noise in public an that definitely helps a lot but I need to know how have a good convo with out pausing or looking away so much I my not good at explaining but I jsit want general everyday life help cuz I never had a therapist or ot person to help me with daily public stuff an my husband is new to helping with that stuff

Posted by Brealynn at 2022-10-18 16:00:04 UTC