My 11 year old son told me he lives in a world of his own, where all he does is draw and read, and studies trigonometry and calculus, with no thought that he needs to prove what he's learned in schoolwork. He's okay with some chores, and hygiene is okay with reminders. But he just has an emotional block to school. We homeschool and that gives him almost complete freedom. He has incredible potential in math and science especially, but also music (has perfect pitch and can compose his own pieces) and languages (hyperlexic and great memory). But just a huge stumbling block when he gets something wrong. He says, "Khan Academy is wrong. You're wrong. They need to eliminate this company. I followed the rules of exponents, and they are wrong." He gets so worked up that the rest of the classes are screwed. And they are the easy ones for him. Any advice on what to say about him accepting that he's not always going to be right and know everything without some help? And to not give up the whole day to escape into his imaginary world of drawing when things don't go his way?

Posted by Oldmomyoungheart at 2022-10-17 19:50:06 UTC