Hi! I just joined this community a few minutes ago. My name is Margaret DePhillips, and I have an 18 year old Aspergers and ADHD daughter and a 15 year old ADHD son. My question is: my daughter has no social media (her choice), but I wonder if this app and perhaps following fellow Aspergers/ADHD kids would be helpful for her? She graduated from high school this spring with high honors but didn’t go to college. She’s having a “gap year” where she’s taking the culinary program at a local trade school in the mornings and returning to her high school in the afternoons for Career Class and her Health and Fitness elective. This makes her eligible for the social work and social skills speech therapy that she missed during the pandemic. She told me yesterday she’s bored and lonely. Her job is very part time, her friends since middle school are at the local community college, and she has no other outlets except the gym. She reads a lot but that’s not building her social skills or connections with peers. Thoughts on social media as a way to get her to see other Aspergers/ADHD kids her age and what they do?

Posted by margaretdephillips at 2022-10-17 17:50:09 UTC