It's hard on us since my wife past in 2020. But eveytime my son age 24 gets mad if I don't get something he see on tv he wants or game he throw up he upset moms gone but even when she was alive he tryed doing that get mad but she just tell him stop and we see what we can do. So I been trying that and not working. But he still wants stay in his room all time on games online evey so often I can get him out and watch a movie with me of his choice just so I can. Spend time with him. I let him know how it makes me fell nice he watch movie with me. Even when he tells me everything going on in the move. I just wish he let me show him more how to cook and do laundry We been told at age 2 he was add and age 10 tested and said he has autism high functioning and very smart the Dr said o yea he can talk about history or anything he seen on tv in past about history and he can fuger out games fast after looking it up Since I'm alone now doing it all I just would like him to help do stuff on his own or want to learn how to do for his self a little Thanks for letting me post and any advice I appreciate it

Posted by hmichaelallen at 2022-10-17 03:20:47 UTC