My 13 year old daughter has been diagnosed with ASD in August. We had a long journey of diagnoses Generalized Anxiety (@8 years), ADHD (@10 years), Depression (@12years). She has been working with a psychologist consistently for 3 years who finally was able to get through my daughter's protective wall and see what is really happening, leading us to the Autism diagnosis (which was very welcomed by my daughter) Now I am trying to learn the sensory items and how she experiences feelings. Recently my daughter started a combination of ADHD meds and an anti depression/anxiety medication. I have seen a change in communication and ability to handle stresses, and expression of happy but still the same amount of panic attacks. She tells me she doesn't like the meds because even though she does feel a "bit of happy" but it is "too much feelings". Is there a way to help??

Posted by brandyldalcin at 2022-10-16 23:33:24 UTC