Hi again my 17 year old daughter on the spectrum is having a hard time with her hygiene Specifically regular showering and it's causing a lot of stress in my home with my wife and her older sister they both tell her with no reservations that she smells and not in a nice way. But being plan mean about it really just makes things worse triggering defiance not to shower. I try to be patience with her and ask her what day this week will she be showing and reminding her that it's time. That works sometimes Recently my daughter brought to my attention of something she read about people with her problems using shower chairs in the shower that helps them better tolerate showering, well I though why not if it'll help. But when it arrived my wife took the box and forbid it being use ,saying she's not an invalid and didn't want more clutter In the bathroom. So any one knows about sitting down while showering for people on the spectrum? Good idea or bad?

Posted by mastertc1 at 2022-10-14 12:24:35 UTC