Would love to get some advice how we can help our 20 year old Asperger's son who is currently trying to navigate his way in adulthood and refusing to let us support him in that. He is very good at masking or saying things he hopes are true or outright lying to people when he becomes overwhelmed, and this is increasingly impacting on every aspect of his life including his health, relationships and job to the point of just about compulsion and even when we find out that he has been masking continually carries on and accuses everyone else of being a liar. Yesterday he showed me a text from his boss saying don't come in and see you in a couple of days which we have since found out was actually a fabricated text that his boss did not send. We only found out after his boss rung really concerned as to why he didn't turn up to work yesterday. How can we help him move away from this. It really is a problem that no longer can be explained away with others outside our family. Help please.

Posted by mdknz1 at 2022-10-10 22:13:39 UTC