Good day, any advise on how to change "stuck" mindsets and behaviors? As examples: 1. Our son (almost 11) refuse to eat any food that his sister (14) prepared or helped prepared. 2. He also refuse to speak, read or write English (our second language), even though my husband is from Scottish descent. He heard at school that the English put the Boer (Afrikaans) woman and childern in consentration camps, now he refuse to do anything in English? 3. Lastly, in gr 1 he was told that he should not sound words, they had to learn sight words. This got stuck and now he refuse to sound out any words, which inhibits his ability to read. He even hits his head everytime he catches himself sounding a word. Nothing we say or do seems to help him to move past this, in fact, anything we say just seem to reinforce this behavior.

Posted by rethaweir at 2022-10-09 10:29:22 UTC