Since figuring out myself being on the autism spectrum, with my research into it and what traits it can include, I have now had a lot of ‘aha!’ lightbulb moments about other people, both where I think to myself ‘yeah, she definitely is not on the spectrum…’ and where I think to myself ‘hmmm… I wonder if that person is also on the spectrum…one of us! one of us!’ My husband is one of the people where half the time, I think to myself that he is on the spectrum too… I can’t really point anything out to him though, because he didn’t like when I did that at first, and I learned that it might usually be more un-helpful to tell an adult that you wonder if they might be on the autism spectrum, even if they are on it and undiagnosed. Anyway, I digress. So, my husband is playing Risk with some friends, and this is a picture of how he set up his soldiers at the beginning of the game. I would think there are probably plenty of neurotypical people who also like to set up a game perfectly, but my husband naturally doing this, combined with the lot of other things I see now, just made me smile and wonder some more. (Disclaimer: half the time, I think more that he is neurotypical, and the other half the time I wonder to myself if he is on the spectrum with me, just with variations in presentation. But either way, its ok to me— its just that I like…no…LOVE to figure things out and find answers, even if I don’t have a preference for what the answer turns out to be.) (To the admin: I think I did not come at this from the correct angle/perspective originally…I’m sorry to the admin— I was not trying to sound incorrect in my original format of this question/post. I guess I just originally wanted to see if anyone else would say something about the yellow player, without me pointing it out. Sorry again!)

Posted by D C at 2022-10-08 05:01:32 UTC