I’m mentally exhausted😔 Our 10 yr old daughter was recently diagnosed with ASD/Asperger’s. Her meltdowns have become more frequent and can actually last hours. The crying, screaming.. nothing I can say to her will stop it or help. She says I’m talking “in a mad voice” to her? I‘m not. I try to talk soft. I try to make her stay in her room but she will not. She just calls me over and over “Mom, Mom” It’s like she’s stuck in this loop and nothing will stop it. She repeats the same thing to me. The last one was because she felt guilty about something she did and she thought I was gonna be mad at her. She wouldn’t tell me what it was… she said she wanted to but she just couldn’t and it just sent her over the edge. Most of her meltdowns happen over remorse/guilt/ making a decision. We feel like we are walking on eggshells! What should we do when this happens? I need advice! Thank you

Posted by JenW at 2022-10-08 03:10:47 UTC