When our 30 yr old son's OCD is so bad that, when the shop server writes his name on the cup, he freaks out in the vehicle because of his fear of ink. Or when we forget to take off our jacket & walk past him, he freaks out with his fear that we may have touched him with the dirty outside jacket. Our walking on eggshells is because of trying to remember all of the things that sets him off for hours (4+) raging, screaming, growling, stomping, punching holes in our walls, etc. We are working on the ideas for Defense Mode, but he says (screams) that, he's filled with so much anger that he can't handle it & why aren't the meds working & that we didn't protect him (autism, anxiety, depression, Schizophrenia, Reactive Mood Disorder). Defense Mode or a med change?

Posted by cd.miller at 2022-10-08 02:02:57 UTC