Hello Teen Parents, We are starting out our research for undergraduate schools for our son. We have some questions for teen parents who are currently dealing with, or have already dealt with this situation. We want to know - 1. What are the critical things we should be looking for in colleges that accept students on the autism spectrum? 2. What are the (recommended) suitable colleges in and around Massachusetts that have the right support system to help students complete their undergraduate program? 3. How much do these exams - ACT and SAT weigh in for admission at these colleges? Our teen son is 16 years of age and has HF Aspergers with ADHD. He is currently in Grade 11 at Lexington High, MA. He is intelligent, has good verbal skills, and is good at science. However, we struggle a lot with him having to work on repetitive tasks like homework, quiz and exams. He is low in motivation. He is also being treated for depression (since the pandemic). We are having a very hard time having him prepare for the ACT. It has become clear that the traditional path of preparation to undergraduate college will not work with him. Observing the struggles he has with everyday school work, we are concerned on whether he is ready for college and need to figure out colleges that deal with students of this profile.

Posted by preranag at 2022-10-05 02:50:30 UTC