Hi! I am new here, and I do not know all the ins and out of posting so please direct me if I am in the wrong place or off-topic/ thread. Regarding overwhelm. I am curious if there are suggested best practices/ approaches to assist someone older/later in life with direction and life-purpose and practical life skills or planning. Many of the resources on AE seem to speak to younger adults working with parents. Do these same principles help older adults on their own who have had a setback or need/want to pivot/ redirect and do not have/need parental involvement? Many financial planning/ goal setting and time management suggestions available on the internet, sound promising but can also put me in overwhelm or defense mode. Are there suggested better ways to approach these types of tasks? How do I sort out and seek & even prioritize the best resources amidst the sea of so many choices? And finally, how do I know if I am making headway? Many days I have put in the time but still feel like I am lost in the weeds. Thanks for any thoughts or direction.

Posted by slbogue at 2022-10-04 19:48:24 UTC