I have a 17-year-old daughter with high functioning autism and anxiety who is really struggling with school. She goes to a therapeutic day school, has an IEP and has both a school and private therapist. She is supposed to be a senior this year, but is almost a year behind in classes due to missing school one or more days per week, refusing to do makeup work and a daily pattern of staying up late and not being willing or able to get up on time in the morning. She is very intelligent and reads about everything. She believes the American school system is terrible and she doesn’t agree with it. I’m struggling to figure out how to motivate her to at least graduate high school; even if it’s delayed a year. I’m afraid when she turns 18 she may choose to drop out. She doesn’t seem bothered by the prospect of failing high school. Has anyone else had a situation like this or any insight on what can help? Thank you.

Posted by JLM at 2022-10-04 18:53:32 UTC