My 20 year old son got his first job 🤩 It fell in his lap and he did what he needed to get it. I am so proud of him!!! Tonight I am struggling with his words to me. He is agitated so I ask him if he knew why? He said he is tired of living in a mess that is depressing. He said he works 12 hours a day and he should not have to live like this (he has worked for 4 days). I have had to (last week) go stay at my daughters (10 minutes away) to help her because she broke her ankle and has a 10 month old son (my first grandchild ♥️) The house does need cleaning, today I vacuumed and mopped the entire house. I did more than that but I’m not sure why he is acting like this? I actually have to go and dry his work clothes now lol. But dang I am so upset, irritated and bewildered where these things come from. It is always me that he targets. I know the old saying “he knows you live him and you are the closest person to him to take things out on” I’m feeling over it right now 🥺 Thanks for just being out there y’all ♥️

Posted by code34me2002 at 2022-10-03 01:44:38 UTC