My grandson is on a path for residential placement because of adamant school Refusal. He insisted that RTF will not help and would like him to explain why and then if Danny could respond it might be helpful. Hi, I know that being sent to a treatment facility will simply not help me whatsoever. First of all the reason that I don’t go to school is because it causes to much anxiety for me to handle, sending me to a treatment facility will just put me in a constant state of even worse anxiety. I know that this will happen due to the fact that I’ve already been to 2 separate treatment facilities in the past. Being in those facilities were the 2 worst experiences in my life and they changed nothing at all. So I fail to see what sending me to a third facility would do besides giving me more anxiety which is what I’m avoiding in the first place. I would appreciate feedback, particularly from Danny. I previously asked about residential treatment and Danny thought it was a good idea. I am still working toward that end but it’s a slow process meantime my grandson likes to discuss it. Still totally refusing to go to school. Thank you and i look forward to Danny’s response as well as other folks Susan

Posted by redsue53 at 2022-09-30 19:50:03 UTC