Hi everyone. My son is 9.5 years old and is in grade 4. September is always a difficult time for us, specifically homework time. I would love to hear strategies that have worked with helping your child be more amenable to doing homework. When it’s time to do work, he starts to have meltdowns and a lot of negative talk about himself like “I am an idiot” and “I am stupid”. My son is very smart and although some of the work is challenging for him, some of it is review and he is simply refusing to do it. What could be done in 5 minutes can take an hour because of the meltdowns. I feel like this might be a common struggle and looking for ideas on how to support both of us so that we can have a happier and successful school year. Thank you!

Posted by sahokeefe at 2022-09-27 20:42:21 UTC