Grrrr. My young adult (20) has this thing he does where he walks away and mumbles something under his breath (not always bad or angry). I will ask him what he said because I have a hard time hearing clearly sometimes and he always says and insists that he hasn't said anything and acts like I am crazy or making it up. Now this does happen more often when the conversation just had did not go as planned. I am also aware that he may not realize that he has actually said something in his outloud voice. But it is gaslighting to me, as a person with diminishing hearing, who is usually sincerely asking what was said. Short of recording all interactions I cannot think of a way to prove to him it happens and if other family members say they heard it he just gets defensive and says we are making stuff up. I have explained to him that I really am just trying to hear him and that it bothers me to be dimissed and treated that way but he doesn't get it. Trying to just shove it all away.

Posted by kym.kolb at 2022-09-27 02:09:38 UTC