Huge school issue already, maybe someone can relate/offer any advice!!! My son just entered 9th grade, HS is not like E or M school, they won’t just push him through. If he doesn’t pass the class he doesn’t get the credit & won’t graduate, which means he could be 18 years old, still in some 9th grade classes! He is a smart kid, who refuses to do anything! Praise doesn’t work, bribes don’t work, threatening doesn’t work…last year he failed seven out of nine classes. This year already he has Fs on pretty much anything he has bothered to do so far. In case you were wondering, he does have an IEP! Out of district placement is never going to happen! I am at 110% loss as to what to do!!! He won’t talk with Therapist, he won’t admit he has ASD and has an absolute meltdown If you try to talk to him about that or anything other than whatever it is he wants to talk about. It’s not like he has some outrageous talent that I know he will be able to do for a living. I am so petrified for his future and he could not care less:(

Posted by alyssadk at 2022-09-22 17:56:05 UTC