My 13 year old has improved alot in the last year but we're struggling hard with defiance, lying, sneaking and manipulative behavior. For instance, we told him no donuts at church the other day and when we weren't looking, he doubled down and got 2 donuts plus coffee! To us, that's directly defying our guidelines. He'd had plenty of Sweets over the weekend. Or over vacation, he took an iPad of his aunts after we'd warned him not to touch any electronics while we were there. It seems the impulsively just takes over. It's begun spilling over to other areas of his life with people who don't understand his struggles. He took an iPad from his gym as well. Im afraid he's going to get into major trouble outside of our home if he doesnt get this under control. Any suggestions on how to curb this behavior? We do know why he's taking electronics...he wants to look at porn. But the other behaviors of lying and defying have destroyed our trust in him. There is no trust. We're trying so hard to help him but he seems to have an attitude that's just "I want to do what I want to do." Every boundary and guardrail has been plowed through.

Posted by kellygarrisongs at 2022-09-21 12:45:18 UTC