I am so furious right now. I just got another text from my kid crying in the bathroom. They started the day already overwhelmed but went to school anyway. During first period they texted me that they can't do it anymore and that they were panicking so I started the agreed upon process that I set up with her case manager and counselor.s. Which was go to the counseling office ask for to see one of three people and be able to wait there until seen. Once again the receptionist said to make an appointment and go back to class. That is NOT the arrangement So now they are in the bathroom full on panicking and crying. It could have been stabilized if they had been able to see any of their team. I told them to go back, ask again and if they are told the same thing to have the receptionist call me directly. I have emailed all three people on her team and I am doing vagus nerve breathing to getcready to answer a phone call so I don't scream at them. How many times does my kid have to suffer for them to get the process right. I told my child that they can go to the main office and tell them that they are going home. I would rather they be dealing with this with me than alone in the bathroom crying. My next email is to the vice principal. I just needed to vent to let the steam out before I try to hold more space AND be firm speaking to the school. Wish me luck!

Posted by kym.kolb at 2022-09-20 16:20:47 UTC