Hello, I am so thankful for finding AE. I am learning a lot from the articles, videos and other members' comments. My daughter is 23.She was never diagnosed with autism but she fits all the characteristics. This year she graduated from college. She studied to become a speech pathologist. I feel guilty that I encouraged her to embrace this field knowing that she struggles so much with social and communication skills and emotional balancing. She just applied for her speech pathologist assistant license after completing with great difficulty and frustration an internship. She gets easily discouraged as soon as she hears any negative comments and then she assumes that the people don't like her, and they don't want her. I keep telling her to see a therapist but she refuses. I am really worried that unless she gets help, she won't be able to get a job/keep a job in this field. She was hesitant to apply for her license since she doesn't have any confidence now. Should we encourage her to look into something different? She loves working with kids with autism and the kids also feel very comfortable with her. Things were not as bad before the pandemic, but staying home for two years and taking online classes made matters worse. Any suggestions are appreciated.

Posted by ebilsel at 2022-09-20 00:11:23 UTC