Hi,I'm a father of two daughters my youngest is 17 years old just graduated from high school in June she was diagnosed with moderate autism whatever that means because she seems to have all the problems that all the kids I'm reading about have with autism including ADHD depression anxiety and some social skill problems. My problem is with my wife who is overwhelmed with my daughters emotional needs, doesn't want to deal with her and even states to me that my daughter is using her problems to try and manipulate us to get what you wants including our attention calling her an attention hog, I have no problem giving her time sometimes she just wants to express some feelings and I'll give her reassurances that things will get better my wife wants to give answers and when my daughter rejects the answers my wife says go to your therapist I'm not going to deal with you. And this causes my daughter to act out sometimes with self harm what should I do?

Posted by mastertc1 at 2022-09-19 13:14:01 UTC