My daughter is 15 an we just got a diagnosis of autism level 1, 2. This is in addition to ADHD, anxiety, depression and PMDD. She also has ulcerative colitis and is excessively picky about what she eats. Over the past few years she has had school refusal which resulted in DHHS getting involved in the spring of last year, after I was in a bad automobile crash and incapacitated due to a shattered heal and broken arm. It has taken 6 months to be able to get around semi normal. I tried to go back to work full-time in Aug (I have been an infant teacher for 10 years and the only one at work with a MA ED). I discovered that I was not able to keep up both physically and mentally and asked to drop to part time. I was given the ok for this change but a week later I got fired (last Monday). Mostly all of this has allowed time to find various resources available to us and most people are less judgemental and more willing to help (I am a single mom). We have a 504 in place but when I said that I wanted an IEP for my daughter last week, to further address her needs, I was shut down very quickly. I want to find an advocate for negotiating the school system but I'm not sure how to find one and now that I have no income there is obviously no money to pay anyone. Any suggestions would be most welcome.

Posted by itsallcrafty at 2022-09-18 21:57:08 UTC