To other parents of teen or adults on the spectrum, our two sons with ASD are 35 & 31. I am here to share what I have learned and ask for ideas as well.G, the older lives 1,000 miles away, Independently. Living with roommates and making very little money as a game developer. P, our younger just graduated from college! still lives with us, supposedly looking for work but not really. May enroll in a wind turbine maintenance program when it opens in November. P had dyscalculia all through school and it was never detected till age 19 and nothing was done. Also disgraphia. It’s the lack of social personal connection. P volunteers at comic conventions, and other activities but doesn’t connect 1on 1. I don’t believe G Does either. I can’t seem to get interested in Asperger experts. Any ideas?

Posted by ktm at 2022-09-18 12:07:48 UTC