Hello all. My 8 year old is recently diagnosed with high functioning autism. One of the areas we struggle is with misunderstanding/misreading certain situations, especially when it comes to something being done accidentally or as a mistake. A couple examples: if we both reach for the same item and I touch her hand she will scream saying I scratched her on purpose. Or if someone accidentally bumps her she will say they hurt her on purpose. She has done this as far back as i can remember. One of her triggers is definitely surrounding people invading her space. I explain about accidents but she genuinely believes its all done on purpose. She is losing friends because at some point someone does something like this and she views them as "bad" and writes them off. How do I address this and help her to understand about mistakes and accidents?

Posted by tinkerbella56 at 2022-09-17 18:53:53 UTC