I am super happy to find this app and community. We are grasping for help with my 15 year old in-defense-mode daughter who really is in more of a "nope" mode. I figure she's been in defense mode since about age 5 or 6. I kind of intuitively figured out that I had to get myself out of defense mode to connect with her, about a year ago. Some things have improved slightly but that's it. I am still learning how to connect and be a parent (set boundaries and broach difficult things) and remain out of defense mode. One question I have is: I think she needs a diagnosis to get help with school. How do I go about that? My husband's family is literally full of spectrum kids and I am absolutely positive my daughter is too. But she's seriously struggling.

Posted by emailpamsclan at 2022-09-17 14:06:50 UTC