My 11 year old son is not in defense mode at this time and is very social and excited to have friends come over, but once they walk in the door, they are baffled by his actions. He loves making video stories. He insists that they act for him. He insists that they sit for hours and watch him edit his movies. He gets mad if they say they want to go outside and play. He says it makes him feel too hot. They don't get that either. A group of them walk to the neighborhood store to buy candy. The kids all buy things for each other. My son tells someone to buy something for him so he can save his money. Hmm. Logical, but not very reasonable. And definitely not kind. What can I tell the kids to help them understand that we are teaching him to be more empathetic, polite, and generous? That he's trying to do his best to be a good friend? And what steps do we take to get him to his goal of being a great friend?

Posted by Oldmomyoungheart at 2022-09-17 01:48:14 UTC