Serious question. How does an ASPIE start to care about themselves? I can show unconditional love and acceptance. Do all the executive functioning tasks when he cannot. I can give words of encouragement, actions of love. I can make plans and have us do fun activities he likes. I can do everything listed when questioning how to help someone with depression. And yet still the mental view of being broken, and not caring about his own wellbeing persists. There seems to be a strong correlation between ASD and depression. I’ve often held the intrinsic view that my life is worth living. That I as a person have value. This wasn’t something instilled in me by my neglectful parents, but a view I chose to take. But yet the constant lack of self-care, the resistance to doing even the smallest steps, and the unwillingness to seek any help/do things to change, has all got me at my wits end. As most of us here do, we love our Aspies, be they our partners, children, or selves. But how the heck do you get someone to value their own life?

Posted by millersam07 at 2022-09-16 02:18:39 UTC