My daughter gets 1 hour of screen time a day. She is 12. If she throws a tantrum getting off the screens she loses the screen time for the next day. She not only threw a tantrum yesterday but escalated to a full on meltdown with screaming lasting 15 minutes (I timed it) tossed furniture in her room, splattered smoothie on the carpet when I tried to feed her. She eventually came out but went right back in when she asked me why she couldn’t have her screens and I quoted the policy again. She has books she loves to read, a dog she loves to play with. I think it might be the first full week of school, or her diet. She came home today and I reminded her that she still doesn’t have her hour of screens, she will have it back on Tuesday. Meltdown ensued. She is too upset to eat. I can’t snuggle her anymore, Mom is exhausted, the screaming scares us and especially her younger siblings. The 7 year old is sleeping with me he is so scared. Help.

Posted by Elizabethaus at 2022-09-16 00:24:32 UTC