Im sitting in a pit of despair. My 23yr old daughter was recently diagnosed (April) and is not thriving in her own place. I have been basicly doing everything to keep her going at her own place. The support and resources I thought were available to us, are nearly impossible to access and incredibly frustrating and time consuming. I'm trying to put a safety net in place with social services and everything is on line and over phone with huge wait times. THe application was started and closed 3 times because we could not complete it with all the documents with in the 10 day window. I keep meeting and talking with different agencies and people, but nothing ever happens in terms of real practical support. They just pass you on to some other toll free number or service provider. Now we are told we will have to wait for a social worker to pic up her case, as they are back logged. They said if she gets a eviction notice they will escalate her file. I am completely dumbfounded by this. No wonder there are so many homeless! My daughter was fired last month and has no income. I live in a tiny 2 bedroom apt with my son after my landlord sold and we all had to move last December. She can't live here with me. I know there is nothing left to do, but I just need to know there is hope for these kids. Right now, my daughter is existing as a human life support system for her devices, and spends all day sleeping or on her phone day and night. She can't or won't do ANYTHING for herself. She has a psychatrist she sees every month, however even the latest med change has only made her more 'tired' and unmotivated. But at least she's not having suicidal thoughts every day anymore. I am so heartbroken that this is where we are at after 10 years and thousands on therapy using the red line approach mostly. Her therapist and doctors never picked up on the fact she was Autistic. I'm really pissed about that!! I am exhausted and overwhelmed with stress and all this new information. I feel like we have been using the wrong approach for years, and now this is where we are. Its like I was given all the wrong kinda help and hope for her, and seeing and realizing the reality of the situation, has been devastating and hard to accept. Now it seems that the more I try to help her by taking stress out of her life so she can get out of defense mode, the less she is willing to do for herself. Now she is doing nothing. Someone please tell me there is hope. I need therapy or a training course, because I can't seem follow through or finish the mountin of self help books I keep buying.

Posted by FathersDaughter at 2022-09-15 06:19:50 UTC