Heat intolerance…. Does anyone have experience with heat intolerance issues, for yourself if you are the one on the spectrum or your child that is on the spectrum? We rent my parents’ basement apartment, and there is no separate thermostat. They all get colder sooner upstairs (both my parents, but especially my 96y.o. Grandma), so they keep it set at 77 or 78, but sometimes turn it to 80 overnight. I then have trouble keeping the temp in the apartment down. Its about 77 in here this morning at just before 6am, and I am currently rotating an ice pack around myself to cool down because I am that uncomfortable. With the ice pack, I will get to a tolerable temp by maybe 30mins of icing this morning. But, I am wanting insight into whether this is more related to being on the spectrum or not. My issue with heat sensitivity is generally looked at by those around me as to an abnormal level— like, even my husband agrees it is too hot most of the time I think it is, but not to my level—he has definitely never needed to ice himself down. (Also, we have no windows down here, just a door— now that fall is falling, I do get the door open for that cool air as much as is okay to me, but I don’t start having it open till after it’s light outside.) Thanks!

Posted by D C at 2022-09-14 10:01:18 UTC