Hello. I just found this community today. My daughter who is 20 was recently diagnosed with ASD. The reason I sought for help for her was because she started self harming. By the time she told us she was cutting, and filled both arms and legs with cuts in a two week period. This broke my heart, and I worry so for her. As far as I can tell knowing she is autistic has helped her to better understand herself. She searches the Internet for information, and is using some apps to help with forming good habits. I'm proud of the things she has accomplished in the last few months. That said, I'm still confused about so many things. The biggest being we have been told it would be best for us to have Gaurdianship of her. I'm not even sure what that all entails. Anyone have experience with this?

Posted by Momof2Girls at 2022-09-14 02:23:30 UTC