I need help! My 21-year-old son is struggling. Working hours at his job is a struggle. He is a hard worker, but can't keep any other plate spinning. He has difficulty making friends and is beyond in defense mode. He rarely has spoons because work takes them all, doesn't sleep, doesn't have proper self-care, and is so far in defense mode I don't know where to start. He was diagnosed at 12 and has struggled his whole life. We, in my opinion, have done EVERYTHING that he would allow us to do. I can't think of one rock we have not flipped over. Now, he is out on his own and making bad choices out of trying to fill a void. Any thoughts, suggestions, and or advice? He has recently agreed to take an antidepressant. Thank you in advance!

Posted by awalters39 at 2022-09-12 22:17:17 UTC