I have a 13yo high functioning Aspergers son that is entrenched deep in defense mode, shuts down, holds his frustrations and issues in till he erupts, is lying, taking things he’s not supposed to or doesn’t have permission for (in our home not stealing from stores etc) , fights and wiggles his way out of homework…. and the list goes on. Before recently, he was such a kind empathetic and honest child. We have a blended family where his dad is a red line do what I say how I say when I say it ( he’s currently working very hard on that) I bought the whole set of programs and books and am trying to work through, on my own and with my husband but I am struggling on what to do or how to help my son and our family function without doing further harm and sending him deeper into defense mode!!! Learning a different parenting method is already difficult and we are trying but it does take some time to get through and I’m trying not to damage him further in the process. If someone please has any advice AE staff or someone else who has navigated this path, please help!!! I don’t really want to ignore the blatant lying and evading but, I don’t want to cause him further stress and harm! Thanks so much!!!!

Posted by Kellee D at 2022-09-12 15:17:13 UTC