Yes,I am new to the spectrum and am glad to be a part of it. I have a 33 year old son that has Asperger’s. He was not diagnosed until he was in college but I always knew that something was different with him. He struggled in school and in college. He couldn’t find a job in his degree from college. He has a job at our local grocery store and is a stacker and he does really good except he is always 20/30 minutes late every single day. His boss asks him to be on time but he just cannot do it. Is there something I can say or do to help him? Also, he lives on his own and he lets his laundry stack up soo much and he is very messy because he plays his video games all the time and doesn’t care to do it or just gets overwhelmed with everything. Thanks, SherryS

Posted by Sherry S at 2022-09-10 17:51:51 UTC