Hello, I have recently found out, 99.9% sure, that I am on the spectrum. (We have not done the official diagnostic yet, hence 0.1% of unsurity— though typing this sentence is probably not a necessary detail I am realizing….) Anyway, I am a nurse but have not worked as one for years (other than a 4 day stint as a band camp nurse). The general pace of being a nurse is difficult for me to sustain over time. I will start a nursing job off great. Then over a period of time (different lengths for the different jobs, with other life factors generally playing a role), I will loose steam and loose the ability to sustain the pace and the schedule. Does anyone on here know nurses on the spectrum, and if so, can you please share with me what types of nursing jobs have seemed to work out better long-term? I already know that working 4 or more days a week just does not work for me, and that working more than an 8hr shift just is also a bad idea for me— but I feel so lost as to what kind of nursing to even spend energy pursuing finding a job with the right schedule in. Thank you in advance!! (Also, I have type 1 diabetes, so that is also a constant drain on my internal resources— so if you know a nurse who is both on the spectrum and has type 1 diabetes, that would be even better to hear about what has worked for that nurse!)

Posted by D C at 2022-09-08 15:29:36 UTC