Hello, I'm feeling hopeful by this website and being part of this community. As the majority of the parents here concerned about their children, I'm also concerned about mine. She's 22 y/o, dx with AS and LD at 12, treated for ADHD since 5 and anxiety later. And was dx with Asperger's until she was 15 after being treated for years for anxiety, She didn't really got intervention in school except for some accomodations/modifications (some very bad ones) for ADHD. As a single mom with no support, we have been always struggling. Unable to get programs for her because she has spoken always extremely articulated, cleared, and used a high level vocabulary, so as soon as she speaks, she impresses everyone and they forget she has so many more challenges - can't read, write, or do math; chronic migraines; allergies and asthma, sensory sensitivity, GI, PCOS, which as she say she could deal with them somehow, but not with the Fibromyalgia dx at 13 y/o (another terrible invisible conditiion and rare cases in children)-... so, either ppl don't believe she is struggling, or they think we exaggerate, or she misses one of the programs requirements to qualify ("a very complicated case", as the lawyer from a non profit organization and other advocates say). That has been our story for ever.. and the new one is that now as an adult, the health plan doesn't cover it...of course I can't afford it since I haven't been able to get a stable job bcs I need to be changing hrs/days to take her to one of her 10 different specialists/ therapies, running to UC, or calling from ER. I'm over 60 y/o, the only one in her life, and her only support. I'm her caregiver, facilitator in school, advocate, driver, provider,etc, and I try to teach her as much as possible. I also get tired, overwhelmed, and frustrated. I'm extremely concerned about her future and wellbeing. I'm always open to learn more and for suggestions. Thank you for your patience, interest, and kind welcoming πŸ™. Blessings, everyone πŸ•ŠοΈ

Posted by lorenah at 2022-09-08 14:56:27 UTC