I have a question about Asperger's and emotional dysregulation/depression. My 17-year old DS suffers from depression and anxiety and he is terribly sensitive to rejection to the point of being diagnosed with rejection sensitive dysphoria. The problem is that his rigid, black-and-white thinking means that when he is depressed or in crisis, he is unable to see that he will ever feel differently again and he is convinced that no coping skill will ever "work". This is a dangerous spot to be in because he is also impulsive (thank you ADHD) and so when he is in crisis he often self harms and/or talks graphically about suicide. He has a therapist and sees a psychiatrist, we have a safety plan, etc., but we haven't been able to crack the code of helping him work with his thoughts or self-talk in any productive way. He is doing ok right now but it's on my mind; I'm always worried about the next crisis and would love some thoughts if anyone has been able to find something that helps with the rumination/black and white thinking that come with Asperger's and depression. Thanks!

Posted by sariweston108 at 2022-09-06 19:26:17 UTC