We are parents of a teen with mild autism and ocd. he wants nothing more than to fit in at school and do well but that has been a massive challenge which has caused trauma. and the idea id changing schools os unbearable for him. He is living everyday in defense mode. He refuses to get help for that and will only work with his therapist for the ocd And continue the track team and running and working out . which is great! All psychologist recommendations to us are to place our son in residential faculty. While it may be the answer for others and we respect that , we absolutely do not want to do that. We feel strongly that he could feel more at ease if he learned how to regulate his nervous system. I don’t think clinicians understand the benefit of somatic work or the profound pain that comes with a residential treatment placement recommendation. I get that our son is resistant to work on his emotion regulation It is definitely a dilemma.

Posted by jdoc at 2022-09-04 21:48:21 UTC