Hi everyone🥰 I am in need for some advice please💓 I have an 11 (almost 12 year old) step-son with Aspergers. We have been struggling A LOT with boundaries... especially when it comes to females and their bodies. He will make unacceptable comments (especially towards his 14 year old Step-Sister and will try to touch her or me inappropriately (but now it's in a less obvious more sneaky way). He acts like it was an accident or didn't mean harm, but going off the amount that it is almost always females, we are certain it is intentional most of the time. When it is brought to his attention, he will say that he "forgot" the boundary rules that we have been so desperately trying to teach. It is difficult because his dad is very soft spoken and kind, and from my perspective, I feel like it's more enabling him because my step-son has admitted that he can get away with many things because it takes "probably about 8 to 10 times" before he will get "in trouble," and even then, I feel like he isn't actually "in trouble." This is a serious matter to me. I don't want him to offend anyone else, nor do I want him to learn the wrong things and get himself in serious trouble. To be fair, my husband did talk to him last night and sternly told him he doesn't have anymore chances, but again, my step-son is going to try to push boundaries- to see if he actually gets consequences. I love my step-son very much, along with my whole family. I want everyone to feel safe and comfortable in our home. Do we reward with something when he has behaved for a certain amount of time? Do we only do consequences? Has anyone else been through this or going through this? I have read that this can happen with Aspergers... I don't want to categorize him either as "just Aspergers" because Aspergers people are simply just people who need love like we all do. Any advice would be so appreciatedğŸ’ž

Posted by KPiper20 at 2022-09-02 13:10:38 UTC