Just need to vent! My 12 yr old high functioning daughter is driving me crazy. She constantly picks her skin and she isn't doing her school work and I know she can do the work. She's just being lazy and then she starts crying because she says everything is changing, when everything is pretty much the same. And I k ow she is just making excuses and she doesn't want to shower. Her hygiene is atrocious. She doesn't like showering brushing her hair or teeth and I'm afraid she's gonna get made fun of at school, not to mention that it is part of life and something that you just need to do. I know other people haveuch more serious problems with their kids, but I'm frustrated and getting a migraine and I am tired of fighting constantly with her. Thanks for letting me vent. If you have any suggestions on how to get her motivated, that would be great. She's already grounded from her tablet until she gets her grades up.

Posted by Aylamom at 2022-09-01 18:13:28 UTC